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Re: Pics from 11/19/05 Save Stan Tookie Williams Rally at San Quentin, CA

I think it's sad that in the year 2005 that a black man is put to death based on circumstantial evidence nearly 25 years ago where the prosecuting attorney was proven a racist and a liar and had railroaded black men in past cases. Mr Williams had every right to be retried and given a fair trial. The witnesses against him have admitted they lied because of coercion by police officers. Many people have forgotten the brutality that blacks suffered with the LAPD several years ago and are still faced with today. To kill this man was a crime against humanity and America with it's double standards, racist practices and attitudes will pay in the long run. This is why the world hates America and laughs at us- we try to fool everybody but we're just like glass and everyone sees right through the hypocracy. Remember Rome- it fell!!!!

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