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Re: Pics from 11/19/05 Save Stan Tookie Williams Rally at San Quentin, CA

um no fubk u, tookie was innocent and had alot he wanted to do to keep that change in his life around ... this man is dead and gone over somethin he didnt do,and u got the nerve and ardasity to disrespect him and his loved ones over this computer? ur lil bkitch ass need to grow up! cause it's 7's ova here pussy! TOOKIE WAS INNOCENT i dont care what nobudy says cause if u found a boot in the blood and it wasnt his and if u think there's a possible chance someone forged his name when they bout that gun and u dotn have a tape or anything HE'S GUILTY UNTILL "REALLY" PROOVIN INNOCENT!!! swartzenhegger (spelled wrong) u know u fucked up and get ready for the riets cause that was a dirty decision u made! R.I.P. Stan"Tookie" Williams

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