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Surveillance on 4/20/05 of Action In Defense of Education school walkout

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Seems Big Brother was out again in Santa Cruz and he knows who "ditched" school. Better not try to forge a note from your mom.... Do you feel more safe and secure now? Is Homeland Security active in Santa Cruz, or what?
Surveillance of students also includes videotaping youth and their parents and teachers on April 20, 2005 during the Action In Defense of Education school walkout. The action called for an end to budget cuts to public education.

Students and Workers take Action in Defense of Education

On April 20, 2005, the AIDE (Action In Defense of Education) network held its first statewide action against budget cuts to education. Representing the Santa Cruz chapter of the network, roughly 150 students and union members from UCSC took over the streets in a march to the county buildings in downtown Santa Cruz. There they met and rallied with elementary school and high school students, as well as Santa Cruz and Pajaro school district teachers and parents. Cece Pinheiro, vice president of the Santa Cruz County School Board, came to show support for the cause as well.

Walkout for Education moves to Ocean and Water Streets
Videotaping the demonstration at the Santa Cruz County Building

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