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Re: Students Denounce Pentagon Surveillance of Counter-Recruitment Activities

I'm afraid that monitoring people in public is not something I find illegal.

The police and/or military are perfectly free in a legal sense to monitor these protests.

Certainly how they gather other information and how they use it is subject to law, but in this case...

How is it useful, Oscar? Well, look at a post made earlier in this thread...

"Military recruiters are part of the military, and as such have so much blood on their hands already that they deserve to have their tires slashed, and a lot more too. That's called justice. No one deserves to be arrested for an act of real justice."

advocating violence against recruiters and also the vandalism of their vehicles, and that is why it could prove to be useful. With statements like that being made, I find it a little odd that people are complaining about the authorities gathering information.

There's never been an issue about the legality of it.

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