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Re: Law School As Activist Revenge

FYI... The current mayor of LA went to an unaccredited law school in California. There has been some movement in 2005 by the CAL Senate Judiciary committee to revoke the ability of the governing state agency that oversees the process for unaccredited law schools to issue JD degrees in California. It's about elitism within the legal community and not about consumer protections or promoting justice. The BAR exam protects the public from having lawyers who practice without knowing how to work like a lawyer.

Anyhow, FYI. Average US ABA law school will run you, close to $20K in tuition for a year. CA ABA schools are about $8-10K per year. Unaccredited law schools in California run about $4.5k a year. Now there's grumbling that the bar pass rate at the unaccredited law schools is low. True, but the admissions requirements are set by the CA ABA. Sure some students at the unaccredited law schools, don't have the mental capacity to analyze legal problems and thus won't ever pass the bar, however, a society benefits from its citizenry knowing as much as possible about the legal system. Thus, the CA Senate Judiciary would only be further promoting the elitism by trying to close down the unaccredited law schools. And yes, the first year bar exam is a protection mechanism for students who push on through these smaller schools but can't grasp the concepts.

On a further note, those who handle capital criminal cases, are suppose to have a minimum of fifty felony trials under their belts before they can defend on a capital punishment case. In Texas, you only need a GED to defend capital punishment cases.

For those who wish to know about all the law schools in California, follow the link:

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