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Re: An open letter to the Santa Cruz City Council in protest of police infiltration:

I remember the SC police doing nasty dirty and illegal things when I lived there in 1989. I was spied on in SC by a man we nicknamed "BUN" for Big Ugly Narc. Maybe he is still urking there...he is an old man with long white hair who wears this digital watch thing. He was so well known as a narc in the 80's in SC that one year someone went as BUN at Halloween and EVERYONE knew who he was playing!!!!! Unreal. I have endless stories of me and BUN.

The SC police once actually broke my property on the mall illegally when I was busking and I even put in a report and nothing happened. And I was LITERALLY RUN OUT OF SC by cops and the owner of the Heinz Biergarten. They gave me with 8 obscentity/peace disturbance tickets for busking and they threatened me as a poor single mom with serious crimes and basically said if I leave town, they will leave me alone which is why I never returned to SC. Too corrupt.

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