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How Police Agents Disrupt

Nick "n5667" asks, "Is there any proof they planned to disrupt the eventual parade?"

No proof is necessary since I never claimed that I knew they had any such plan. These police agents did, however, disrupt planning meetings by infiltrating them with aliases and putting forward their opinions in democratic discussions where police opinions were not invited and were not wanted.

Undercover police agents have a long history of this kind of disruption of political movements in this country. One of the most common forms of disruption that they cause are working to get the movement to do something stupid or illegal that can then be used to discredit the movement or arrest movement members or both. Another common strategy of police agents is to work to divide the movement in ways that hurt the ability of the movement to organize.

In addition the FBI has used information gathered through infiltrations to get people fired from their jobs, burglarize and assault activists in their homes and offices, and even to murder targeted activists.

The infiltration of legal political activities by government agencies is an intolerable violation of the law under the First Amendment of the Constitution and will not be tolerated by the people of Santa Cruz.

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