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Re: Police Infiltrate Peaceful Parade Organizers

I wasn't there for the meeting or two where the cops infiltrated the meeting. So I don't know how disruptive they were. I'm also not clear if they would need a warrant to be at the meeting, uninvited, at someone's house either undercover or not. If there was a warrant required, does anyone have access to a copy of it? They certainly do not need a warrant to be at the meeting when it was held at Lulu Carpenters or at the Wired Wash.

My own experience with having cops at meetings is limited to the following incident:

On the night of Tookie Williams' execution, at about 11:30PM-12:45AM there were about 8 people in the chat room. One of these freely admitted to being a Philadelphia Police Officer. That was fine, though one person expressed privately that they wished he would leave. I believe it was useful to have the officer there, in plain view, because he let on about his own attitude about what I would call police brutality. After the execution he stated that he would "celebrate" by going out and arresting someone. That to me says a lot about his attitude on the job. He said this even though there was a lurker in the room with the handle "abc". If abc were looking for juicy comments to broadcast they were not dissapointed. To be fair, there were other people with different points of view too. One person was a family member of a murder victim who was against the death penalty. Other people were all over the political spectrum and from all over the country.

It was nice that the cops generally left us alone at the actual event, for Last Night. I only saw a couple of cop cars the whole time, and one of them was busy chasing down someone else. Traffic on Pacific Avenue was mysteriously absent, even though there was no official street closure that I could see. That was handy actually since we had a couple of motor vehicles in the parade.

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