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Re: An open letter to the Santa Cruz City Council in protest of police infiltration:

Counter-Surveillance makes some good points but I also want to respond to their last point.

Counter-Surveillance says, "Right now, we're mostly sitting ducks squawking about these violations as though we're surprised."

Very little this government does surprises me. You shouldn’t mistake outrage and calls for action for surprise. On the other hand, if we were only talking to people who are not surprised, I would suggest broadening the outreach.

The ultimate goal of the government is not to kill us (although they have already killed some of us no longer here such as in the BPP). Their ultimate goal is to silence the opposition with the least possible reaction from a public that supports democratic rights. Reaching that goal may or may not include killing us. Yet, the more we squawk, the harder we make their job.

We do need to do more, but the squawking can only help.

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