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Re: Police Infiltrate Peaceful Parade Organizers

Steve: On what basis? It's called uninformed speculation. That's why we should investigate and call the ACLU, if they will even bother to help us, given the record of the local ACLU and the fact that Mike Rotkin is a local ACLU spokesperson.

Thanks for clarifying the other point about the First Amendment. I was vaugely aware of this point too, but not the specifics. I don't think my lack of awareness should be interpreted as letting the cops off the hook. If I wanted to let the cops off the hook, I would return to my Star Trek addiction on TV instead of posting here, and instead of reposting links to this story on, which gets read by about 250 people per week.

As for cops showing up at other organizing meetings, most of the meetings I have had have had less than 10 people in attendance and most of those were familliar faces. I think the SC Coalition to Free Mumia had about 5 well known members for about a year or more, when it had meetings. There was no room for any cops to sneak in there unobserved. Ditto for the HRO, which still has meetings. Who knows, mabe the cops do mimic someone who is homeless or metally ill, just to infiltrate the HRO meetings with all of three people there! What a waste of everyone's time.

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