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Re: DIY is not burning man

I went to Burning Man a few years in a row. I have not been to the festival in a few years. I do not have a Burning Man cult.

There are many aspects of Burning Man which I really enjoy and other parts which I do not like at all. I am not going to try to explain my feelings on Burning Man, but I will talk about a couple things.

I love a lot of the sculptures made from found objects that I have come across in Black Rock City. I do not like the burning of the man at all. I think it is wrong to use trees like that. A whole bunch of people gather around, watch the man burn, and then some people start to burn other sculptures, etc... which include materials other than wood and nails such as pvc pipes. That makes me sick both physically and mentally when I am there.

This article about the DIY Last Night Santa Cruz parade mentions Burning Man because the march had characteristics which are also present in Black Rock City.

My evangelicalism for Burning Man and Black Rock City are to bring your favorite elements into your everyday life, but certainly try to leave out the aspects of Burning Man which suck.

Thank you, (y(ledelic, for your insight on DIY culture and consciousness as well as your feedback about Burning Man. I agree to responsibly enjoy it as an outrageous party, not a dogma and idolized model.

And thanks Rico, glad you enjoy the photos.

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