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Reply From City Council Member Mike Rotkin

I don't have time to reply to this letter this morning, but will try to find the time to reply later. -Steven

Dear Steve,

The city's Public Safety Committee will look into this, but so far at least on the surface, there is no reason to think that the Police were doing anything other than attending a public meeting to get logistical information related to public safety (e.g. potential car and pedestrian conflicts) concerning an announced demonstration in the streets downtown in which the planners of the event refused to talk to the police about their plans or apply for a permit. Other than a vague anti-authoritarianism, the non-organizers of the event, never expressed any particular political intentions for their event. I can assure you that there is no Police program to infiltrate or report on the activities of groups (viz. plural) in town in general.

As best i can determine so far, there is no evidence that the Police were gathering any information at the meeting they did go to about the individuals there or their politics, organizational affiliations, or anything else which would constitute an infringement of anyone's civil liberties. But our committee will look further into it at our February meeting. As chair of the Public Safety Committee, I have already asked the Police Chief to present a report on the incident at our meeting on February 27th, 4pm in the Courtyard Conference Room behind the Council Chambers at City Hall.

Mike Rotkin

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