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Re: An open letter to the Santa Cruz City Council in protest of police infiltration:

Rico wrote:
Dear @ctivist. Uh, that would make your job easier, huh? No, I don't think this source is going to come forward anytime soon.

@ctivist responds:
The tone of your message is very flippant and dismissive, as is much of what you write on SCIMC. Its as if you think I might not be an "@ctivist." I consider myself to be an @ctivist, but I am also a reporter, so actually, yes, that would make my job alot easier.

This whole story is a little vague to me, and frankly a bit unbelievable without a NAMED source. Yes, the infiltration was confirnmed to the Sentinel by SCPD Lt. Escalante. But how can we be sure about WHO the infiltrators are? You published photos of two people you claim are police infiltrators, but were they identified by your source, or was it their appearance and behavior which tipped you off? Did your "confidential source" tell you the names of the two infiltrators? Did your source approach you with the info, or did you first suspect the two might be cops and approach the SCPD? You see, in my job as a reporter, I need to check facts before publishing a story. I think this story highlights a growing problem in the US, and would like to put a feature together but I'd need to ask the "confidential source" a few questions... They would remain anonymous, but I'd need to speak with the person directly. That is my job, as a reporter.

I raise these questions as a reporter but also as an activist. I mean, c'mon, Last Night was a one shot campaign, but there are some groups here in Santa Cruz that have been organizing for over a decade. If the SCPD or other law enforcement agenies are going to infiltrate a silly little NY's parade, think about what they might do to disrupt real, longterm, effective grassroots efforts in Santa Cruz.

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