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Re: Police Infiltrate Peaceful Parade Organizers

The anonymous friend to SCPD unconstitutional activities says: "Seems to me they [the SCPD] were enforcing the First Amendment, making sure the assembly would be peaceful."

This is the dumbest, most off the wall interpretation of the First Amendment I’ve ever seen. Since the First Amendment guarantees the people’s right to free speech against government intervention, and not the right of the government to interfere with and pacify the population, on its face this interpretation inappropriate.

It was no more the government’s constitutional right to interfere with this activity than it was their right to gun down unarmed protesters with bullet holes in the back at Kent State.

Keeping the peace is another question and the SCPD are the last force on earth to keep anything peaceful or protect the First Amendment. From the cold blooded murder of activist John Dine with the false claim that he was holding a fake gun (a claim that contradicted by all independent witnesses), to my arrest and beating for distributing literature, to this illegal infiltration of a legal political activity, to many other attacks on activists and free speech in Santa Cruz, it is the SCPD that commits violence and violates the First Amendment, not the people.

Perhaps if the SCPD started infiltrating the military, the FBI, and Halliburton you could make the argument that what they are doing is trying to keep things peaceful and make sure that the First Amendment of the Constitution is upheld, but without that your argument is just as much a lie as the names that the SCPD cops gave when they illegally barged into free speech activities uninvited.

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