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Re: Mayor Cynthia Matthews on SCPD Spying

What' I'm interested in knowing in general is what the real list of groups within California that have been monitored via the CATIC or FBI is (if someone had spare time - the Chronicle and Mercury news have never done full reporting on C.A.T.I.C.- and I think everyone would benefit from an in depth report on what they do). When the story about the NSA monitoring phone calls came out a few weeks ago, a second story about domestic monitoring of antiwar/recruitment events, plus of PETa/greenpeace/Peace Fresno/Catholic worker came out.
It was never that clear how this 2nd story related to the first, even though it probably is of more popular interest because on talk radio it was clear that many were interpreting the NSA spying as only focusing on people receiving calls from al qaeda plus having this machine that automatically tapes all int'l calls - but many aren't that alarmed by this. But I bet your generic american would care about spying on Catholic worker.

I first heard about CATIC around 2003 when a series of 200 police advisories were posted on the internet, possibly that 'raisethefist' site where the owner was jailed for what another teen had uploaded.
These memos suggested a group of people who weren't that savvy in tracking down the real organized crime of California. There has to be all sorts of organized identity fraud and money laundering rings, but instead they seemed to be seated by a computer entering search terms into google, and coming up with San Francisco indymedia event listings. So one focus of the memos was reclaim the streets/bicycle events in Berkeley. A very strong emphasis was on animal rights and colleges such as Fresno state where Craig Rosebraugh was speaking-- the focus was so strong that I made a note just to never show up at a college animal rights meeting (in addition to the fact that I support a system of animal rights democratically bestowed by homo sapiens).
The Oakland police showing up in riot gear and very quickly moving to shoot the quakers and peace protesters at the Oakland docks definitely resulted from a CATIC advisory telling them that antagonistic people would be there.

But so what has CATIC been doing lately? I can't believe that these two officers, or the vaguely described monitoring of the antirecruitment at UCSC are the only local interests

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