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World Social Forum Takes over Caracas

World Social Forum Takes over Caracas

Over 100,000 activists from throughout the world have arrived for the start of the sixth World Social Forum (WSF), which began on January 24, 2006, in Caracas, Venezuela. Under the unifying slogan of “Another World is Possible,? participants at the WSF have gathered to build a powerful movement against neoliberalism, capitalism, and imperialism.

The WSF is organized in a decentralized format that encourages grassroots participation. This is accomplished through a series of workshops and forums that bring together political activists from throughout the world to give them the opportunity to share experiences and build social networks. Each day, during the six days of activities, there will be hundreds of forums, discussions, and meetings to choose from.

The opening event at this year’s WSF was a march with over 60,000 participants demonstrating against War and Imperialism. There were large delegations from all over South America - including Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and of course Venezuela.

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