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Faith In The System?

Xanthippe shows a touching faith in the system. She assumes, without evidence, that Chia is responsible for the situation she is facing. As someone who has repeatedly been a victim of the system myself, I do not share Xanthippe's faith in the government. As someone who knows Chia, I know there is no good reason for the system to take her child. As a politically aware person I know that both political activists and Native American children are often victims of the U.S. Government. Those who have not faced government repression often have a tendency towards assuming the victims of the government are to blame for the situation they are facing. Court records in this case are not made public, nor are the hearings involved. For this reason I can't present you with further evidence. All I can point to is what I know of the character of the US government, and what I know of Chia. I know which side I'm on, and I hope you question some of your assumptions.

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