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Merritt has a point

It is highly ironic that so many self-styled "peace activists", and participants in "pro-peace rallies" and "celebrations of peace", were just last week voting for such very unpeaceful things as retention of the Utility Tax.

Understand something: voting is not an opinion poll. When you vote in a Democratic process, you say "I will submit to this, and if I am in the majority then I would like force applied to the minority so that they are forced to submit against their will." That is the reality. That is what happens.

Taxation is theft. War is theft and murder. No justice? No peace!

Merritt is not distorting anything, rather he's spelling it out very clearly. He argues for letting people keep their own damned money instead of it being grabbed and spent on someone else's pet project, and you call HIM selfish? THAT's what I call distortion.

Fucking socialists, they just love taxation and govt-run money sinkhole programs as long as there's some warm and fuzzy label applied.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt were built on the backs of 10s of thousands of African slaves. Today we call that sort of thing "taxation in support of the arts". Sure, pyramids and parks and art galleries are great - but they do not justify slavery (including tax slavery).

Here's a thought - why dont all you supporters of the Utility Tax take some responsibility for your own actions. Rather than sending your cops to collect your $250 park tax from me, why don't you come to my door your damned self and try to collect it? I'll give you 11 good reasons to respect MY rights - 1 in the chamber and 10 more in the clip.

But no, you'd rather hide behind your heavily-armed SCPD and IRS brute squads, while you attend "peace rallies".

Hypocrites AND cowards.


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