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My, my, such peaceful comments

You have to wonder why "Truth Lover" feels the need to use a handle when calling other people liars, distorters, etc. I am neither miser (my family and I certainly contribute to the community VOLUNTARILY in any number of valuable ways, and have for years), nor liar (i.e., an intentional teller of untruths). Question my accuracy if you wish, question my choice of words, and we can hash out the truth in an atmosphere of amity. But to suggest that I -- who, after all, sign my own postings with my own name -- put my reputation at risk by deliberately passing along information I know to be false, is both silly and insulting.

I did not question the good hearts of the people who demonstrated for peace (and yes, it was a demonstration, if not exactly a protest -- pardon me that I wasn't more precise in distinguishing between two words that most people use interchangeably). Rather, I wondered about the consistency and depth of their actual commitment to "peace," since I have found that a propensity to tax for any but the most dire and necessary purposes to be incompatible with true "peace." Anyone who knows the facts can chime in here to educate us. For all I know, the demonstrators abhor taxation -- especially the kind of taxation represented by the Utility Tax -- almost as much as they abhor war. Then again, I meet a great many people who say "give peace a chance" -- as I do also -- but yet haven't followed the thought out to realize that coercion of behavior and seizure of resources is the seed from which conflict, up to and including war, inevitably grows. I would hope that the seniors in the crowd would agree with me on this, but you never know. So I ask the honest question aloud here, to distinguish one type of peace activist from another, and am eviscerated by someone who hides behind a handle.

Celebrating peace means celebrating the avoidance of aggressive force, does it not? And, whether "Truth Lover" wants to concede the point, aggressive force includes taxes. If you're going to make "peace a habit," then I think you have to really stop to think the next time you are in the voting booth: "is this really a peaceful act"?

Incidentally, "TruthLover"'s spurious comment about the "WAMM event" came out of left field, and I am not even sure I understand its meaning. I certainly support WAMM's right to get necessary medicine to sick people -- and their right to take it -- WHETHER OR NOT that is acknowledged by state or federal law. The denial of medicine to patients who need it is anything but a peaceful act. I say, DEA out of California. But that is a topic for another thread.

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