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Bravo UCSC!

As an Alumni of UCSC from whom nobody ever hears (I have lived in Europe for 15 years), I have come across the list of cities who are taking a stand for Peace i.e. preventing War with Iraq --- and UCSC is the ONLY student body listed under "California" who has become involved in taking a stand. Let us hope you have an influence on others who will follow! Seeing the media and events from a world view, it is simply no less than frightening to my very American heart. I was just in the USA for 3 weeks and was astounded at the blast of media everywhere which seems to leave NO doubt but that we must wage war......this is Absurd, but a snowball that is growing rapidly and catching in also very intelligent people. The USA media NEEDS more imput from a standpoint of World Peace - keep it up!

Sincerely from
Elizabeth Bice in Vienna

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