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“And don’t go screaming at the sheriff’s office because your marijuana’s gone soggy,” says Allyn. “Are we in the business of managing a marijuana farm?”

(Realizing that Sheriff Allyn did not post this msg to the SCIMC.)

YES YOU ARE! You take our property under the pretense that you are holding it until charges are filed, a trial is held, and a verdict is rendered. Then, if the verdict is Innocent, YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF RETURNING THAT PROPERTY TO THE ACCUSED! COMPLETE AND INTACT!

And if you were honest and decent members of society, you'd also appologize to the innocent for any inconvenience you caused them, AND COMPENSATE THEM ACCORDINGLY.

But instead you take our property, you hold it hostage, you damage, destroy, even sell it - in essence, you declare yourselves judge and jury and PUNISH US - before the accused is even convicted.

*IF* they are even convicted! Bloody hell, often you don't even bother to file charges, you just steal our property and either sell or destroy it right away!

You are NOT acting as public servants, or keepers of the peace. You are THIEVES.

Many people in this community, innocent people who have done no wrong, are forced to live in fear because of the violence you and the other Santa Cruz Sheriff gangsters routinely visit on the unarmed, helpless, and often even tax-paying citizens of this county. You're nothing more than a pack of heavily armed adrenaline junkies getting your kicks by terrorizing helpless people.

Every time you assault someone's home because they were growing one of your "evil" plants, every time you extort and rob an independent businessman because they were merely buying and selling bags of "evil" dried leaves with consenting adults, every time you steal and sell someone's car because you stopped them under threat of violence, searched their trunk for no good reason, and found a fucking pipe with resin from something other than tobacco in it..

every time you "enforce a drug law", you don't keep the peace. You make yourself the enemy of peace, by destroying our peace.

Marijuana has mind-altering properties... SO FUCKING WHAT?! So do beer, cigarettes, and coffee! Goddamn, so do vitamins! IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

My advice to you, Sheriff Allyn: Get an honest job and earn your keep like the rest of us, you fucking parasite.


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