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I attended the screening of "Gaza Strip" last night at UCSC. At the well attended event, I learned from the organizers that Gaza "is illegally occupied by the Israeli army and that they are there to "humiliate, bulldoze, and to kill." The organizer then explained that since the filmmaker is "an American, he does not have a vested interest in the topic of the film."

The opening screen of the film states regarding the residents of Gaza that "most were purged in 1948" and that after years of unproductive talks the Intifada "broke out."

Okay. All by itself. No one started it.

The story is told by a 13 year old who dropped out of school in the 2nd grade, can't read, and by his own account throws rocks at Israeli soldiers daily, steals copper, steals oranges, steals tomatos, sets tires on fire, and sneaks in to burn Jewish fences. He is the main source for political and historical information on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Okay.

We are told that Gaza is a "prison camp" because 1.2 million people live on 112 square miles of land. Contrast this with San Francisco which has 450,000 people living on 47 square miles of land. By the way, they are both on the beach.

Everyone in the film blames Israel for all their problems. Not one word is said about suicide bombings, snipings, kidnap-torture-murders by Palestinian terrorist groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Tanzim, El Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Hizbollah, Fatah, the PLO, or PFLP. Instead we are told that "the Jews want to push us into the sea." Hmmmmm. I thought it was the Arabs who wanted to push the Jews into the sea. Like in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973. Old news,right?

No doubt life in Gaza Strip is unpleasant and downright depressing. But the film does little to reveal either the cause of their suffering or invite the viewer to do anything but express hatred towards Israel.

BTW-- the IDF soldiers are in Gaza per the terms of the Oslo accords signed in 1993 by both Israel and Arafat's Palestinian Authority, also never mentioned in the film.

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