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Exit Stage Left, Banging

Exit Stage Left, Banging


by Nuz

About 30 UCSC students lost their homes
Sunday night when a fire broke out at the
Chavez Co-op on Main Street.
Ironically, the students were meeting to
discuss creating a noise policy when they
heard loud cracks, bangs and popping
glass sounds coming from the upper
floors of the 1916 Beach Hill Victorian.
Everyone evacuated safelymoments
before the ceiling caved in on the living
A dense pillar of smoke drifted across
downtown as fire fighters battled the
flames for three hours. The cause of the
blaze is most likely due to faulty wiring,
said Matt McCaslin, Santa Cruz Fire
Department battalion chief.
The colorful 19-bedroom home is one of
two Santa Cruz properties owned by
North American Students for
Cooperation, and has been inhabited by
scores of students in its 10 years of
The university is assisting the students in
finding alternative accommodations. And
while the fate of the house is still being
determined, residents say the fire has
made their cooperative spirit burn
“We’re going to stay as a family,” said
Philips Patton, while Adam Zerlinger
promised that “Chavez House will be
With a bang, no doubt.

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