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The fate of war ultimately rests in Husseins hands

I see the rallies and people that portray President Bush as a warmonger and a greedy man who wishes only to take the oil of Iraq.
I find this concept ludicrous and downright wrong.
It seems that people have no concept of the moral integrity our president is showing by evoking the ridicule of our countries peers by standing up for it's commitments as put forth in the resolutions the entire UN agreed to and adopted.
To go to war with Iraq for the cause of liberation, global security and undeniable duty upholds the principles which is the basis for all free countries.
Saddam has taken the freedom from his people and rules through terrorist acts of violence and barbarity.
If a serial killer was stalking our streets we would do everything in our capabilities to find him and have justice dealt to him. Out of fear of our own safety if for no other reason.
Well we have a serial killer before us. Saddam is that serial killer. He has murdered his neighbors, his colleagues, even members of his own immediate family. He has used chemical weapons on his own people. The very people who he is supposed to protect. He has done this for no other reason than to bring them into compliance. He has done to his own people far worse than we would do in the event of war. We would be saving thousands of Iraqi lives.
If Saddam is able to continue to produce more biological and chemical weapons, not to mention nuclear weapons, he will endanger not thousands or even hundreds of thousands, but millions, and I stress MILLIONS of lives, even yours, and your mothers and your sons, or daughters, wife, or husband. Friends, and family will all be under a fatal threat by a regime that views Americans as it's worst enemy. A country that drops chemical weapons on it's own citizens. By a man who took his children into an Iraqi prison handed them guns and forced them to commit murder by executing political prisoners with their child hands. Raising them to be more vicious then he himself. These are the people who will be in control of these terrible weapons. If they will use such violence against their own citizens and neighbors think of the things he would do to us, if not through deliberate attacks then through terrorist channels.
September 11, made the proud people of this country feel terrified, and insecure. We hope to forget that tragedy and we become complacent. Yet we are now under a greater threat than ever before. A threat no jumbo jet could compare to. This threat is not caused by President Bush. The consequences Iraq faces for non compliance is the only driving force in it's recent concessions to UN weapons inspectors. If we cannot talk Saddam out of his weapons, or even into compliance, we MUST be ready to support our President in this time of vulnerability. To be divided endangers not only ourselves but our soldiers in the field, one of which is my own brother. It is utterly disheartening to a soldier to see his/her own brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers show no support to them in their time of greatest need, a time when Americans should rally to their cause. We sap their strength, and we sap their courage, and make them question themselves when they need their wits and courage the most. When they need to be focused.
If we DO go to war, and I hope we do not, we need to be behind our President and behind our brothers and sisters in the field. We need to show them our support. We need them to know they are doing the right thing.
I said my goodbyes last week to my brother when he shipped out for the Middle East. I let him know that I was behind him. And in the event that we would never see each other again he told me that he was confident that he was doing what was necessary to assure the safety of his family, of his wife and three little girls. He has no doubts about this cause, and if he does meet his end in this fight for a cause "we all" should believe in, he will have no regrets.
In conclusion, I hope beyond hopes that if not the world, than at least our citizens can set aside their differences and come together as one people, to rally behind this cause that is not about oil or power, but about protecting the world and ourselves against murderers, terrorists and tyrants. We are not thieves who would take by force the resources of others. We are liberators who would give something more valuable than gold. Security, happiness, and FREEDOM.
Thank you for listening and I hope you will pass this on to the public.
Sincerely, Joab Rubio of Utah

Just as a side note. We do NOT wish the deaths of innocent Iraqi civilians. In the event of war we will do every thing in our power to prevent the deaths of innocents. Furthermore, I am sure we can all remember the interviews Saddam did with reporters during the Gulf War that showed him using children as human shields to prevent assassination attempts. He hid behind those children to protect himself.
He has the luxury of choosing his battleground we do not. He has chosen once again to use innocents as human shields. He has decided to barricade himself inside the walls of Bagdad to hide behind civilians.
He could choose exile and ALL war would be prevented. Alternatively, he could choose total compliance with the UN. an easy thing to do. South Africa did just this and look at them now, they enjoy the freedom of democracy, thank's in no small part to the U.S.A.. They even attend UN meetings. But if he chooses to defy and endanger. The lives lost will be on his head. Yes we will try to prevent innocent deaths, but he will not. You can be assured of that.


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