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Farr has no credibility

Farr has not demonstrated that he is a friend of peace, the Iraq resolution notwithstanding. He is not for peace in Columbia where he supports aid to the death-squad government. He wasn't for peace in Yugoslavia where he supported the bombing of civilians with depleted uranium weapons. He is not for peace in the Middle East where he supports military aid in the oppression of the Palestinians. He supports virtually every military appropriation expenditure that comes along, including the largest military budget in history, larger than the next 12 nations combined, and actually voted for on the same day he voted against the use of force in Iraq. Nathan from California Peace Action is a hypocrite for not standing by his own published info giving Farr an "F" for wasteful military expenditures. Farr also voted to keep funding for 8 luxury jets for admirals and generals. Farr votes in favor of every "free trade" agreement that crosses his path (NAFTA, GATT, FTAA), thereby waging economic and environmental warfare on the world's most desperate peoples. He voted for national ID cards; voted to effectively deny public education to American citizen children of undocumented immigrants; and voted to retain the unfair sentencing guidelines for crack cocaine as opposed to powder cocaine. If Farr wants peace movement credentials, he can start by repudiating his stance on all the above and by apologizing to his constituency for all the deaths he has caused by that support. Until then, he has zero credibility.

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