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Just try to be a Lesbian in an Arab country

Israel is the only country in the mideast where it is legal to be an out of the closet gay or lesbian.

Women's rights in Arab countries are abominable. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive cars, or to be out in public without a male guardian. In 2002, 15 Saudi teenagers died, trapped in a burning building, because the authorities would not let them out because they did not have proper head coverings (see BBC 3-15-02)

In Sudan, a woman who gets pregnant outside of marriage, once the baby is born, she is buried in the sand up to her neck and then they throw rocks at her head until she is killed.

But I understand that this group is focusing their criticisms only at Israel. And in Israel, where Arab women were the first women able to cast a vote in the entire Mideast, where Arab women can own property, marry outside their faith, and have the highest female literacy rates in the Arab world, the Black Laundry group has decided to expose human rights abuses committed by the Israelis against the Palestinians.

When is Black Laundry going to address the much more egregious violations of women's and gay rights in the Arab countries?

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