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Just try to be an Arab - man or woman, gay or straight - in a Jewish country.

> When is Black Laundry going to address the much more
> egregious violations of women's and gay rights in the
> Arab countries?

Maybe after the much MUCH more egregious violations of Arabic men's, women's, gay's, and straight's rights in Palestine/Canaan/Israel are addressed?

Chauvanism and homophobia suck, but not half as badly as wholesale ethnic cleansing - mass murder, mass expulsion of civilians from their homes, and mass robbery of land and theft of property.

It's about priorities. The greater evil gets the greater attention.

Once the racist crimes of the Jews of the Middle East are brought under control, I'm sure we'll see increased attention for the chauvanist and homophobic crimes of Arabs in the Middle East.

But for the time being - for the last 60 years, in fact - Israel has managed to steal the show.


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