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Wan, you wrote: Just try to be an Arab - man or woman, gay or straight - in a Jewish country.

There is only one Jewish country in the whole world: Israel.
The population of Israel is 18% Arab. These Arab Israelis can practise their Islamic religion (unlike Jews in Saudi Arabia for instance), can own property, vote, and have representatives in the Knesset. So, I can confidently state that an Arab living in a Jewish country is MUCH better off than a Jew living in an Arab country.

You also wrote: Chauvanism and homophobia suck, but not half as badly as wholesale ethnic cleansing - mass murder, mass expulsion of civilians from their homes, and mass robbery of land and theft of property.

There is NO ethic cleansing of Palestinians from Israel. In fact, the Palestinian population has increased four-fold since 1967. There is no mass murder either. Israel is defending itself from Arab attackers who are waging an estimated 21 attempted terror attacks daily. Despite the co-ordinated effort to attack Israelis, the IDF chooses to use intelligence to target individual terrorists that the PA refuses to arrest.

What "mass expulsion of civilians from their homes" are you talking about? Certainly not the 900,000 Jews who were banished from Arab countries in 1948 and all their property confiscated.

You obviously are asserting that the West Bank and Gaza are the proper property of the Palestinians. If this is so, why did they REFUSE a Palestinian state in 1948, 1993, and again in 2000?

The IDF takes great care to minimize civilian casaulties (much better than the USA). This is born out by the Palestinian casaulties are only 2.5% women. If the IDF were really committing mass murder of civilians, don't you think those numbers would be closer to 50%?

Stop spreading unsubstantiated lies, Van.

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