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to becky johnson

Israel or Palistine, Who is the terriousts?
Well, It was the Jews who first intruced isteal to Collective punnishment. And it is the Jews who get aroud three to four billion a year in mostly military aid, (not to say anything about the nifty education most israelis Special forces recive at our verry owen School of the Americas). In fact, the Constution of Israel states that it is to be a Jewish nation. Thats right, a directly stated connection between the goverment and the Jewish religious orthoxidy. Not jewish, tough shit! this land is for Jews only. Only jews in the military. Only jews in elected office to appoint only jewish cabnit memembers. Only jewish people, Gods chosen people, count here friend so if your not Jewish, Sut up and clean my toilet and give me my big mac then get back to your getto. Like the Romans did to their slaves.
Like we did to our slaves. Like corprate America has done to us. WE need to face the facts that our hired gun in the middle east has become that whitch percuted the Jews, only this time with a better marketing team

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