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Israel: home for the Jewish People

Dear John,

It is true that Israel, by its constitution is a Jewish RELIGIOUS state. There was a big power struggle back in 1947 and 1948 between the secular Jews and the religious Jews over this very issue. The religious Jews won by a narrow majority.

But you have to remember that at that time the Jewish people had just gone through the nazi holocaust which is arguably the worst human rights crime in the past 100 years.
There was a great deal of sympathy worldwide for the Jewish people to finally have a homeland. The Zionist movement helped to bring this about.

That means that any Jew in the world, whether a black Ethiopian, a Spanish Argentinian, or a white Canadian can move to Israel and become Israeli citizens. It does NOT mean that people of other religions can't move there and become citizens. Its just not automatic. Currently 18% of Israelis are Arab Palestinian Muslims. They have full citizenship rights, and have 12 elected members of the 120 seat Knesset.

The Jews believe they are the chosen people because, according to their religion, God gave them the Jewish Law.
Only the Jewish people were obligated to follow the Jewish law, however, anyone could follow the law if they chose to, but it was not obligatory.

They also believe that God gave them certain lands, who's borders are described in the Torah. These are roughly the borders of Israel back in King David's time.

The 3 billion in military aid Israel gets is from the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Israel agreed to give back the Sinai peninsula to Egypt (with all its oil and requiring Israel to dismantle Jewish settlements there) in return for $3 billion per year in military aid. Egypt, BTW, gets $2 billion. Surely you are not recommending that the USA and Israel break their peace treaty with Egypt are you?

There needs to be a resolution for the state-less Palestinian people. But it is not reasonable to do this by dismantling the only Jewish State in the world.

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