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15 killed in bus bombing in Haifa 40 injured

This is in response to "Pregnant woman killed in Gaza by IDF demolition of house" on March 4, 2003

On March 5, 2003 in Haifa, Israel, which is in northern Israel and behind the green line (not anywhere near the disputed territories), a suicide bomber blew himself up, along with a bus of students on their way to college.

Let me compare these two horrific scenes of needless death and destruction and the willful violence behind them.

I blame the Palestinians for the bus bombing in Haifa. Cynical adults pressure idealistic young people to commit suicide--which is against all religions, even theirs -- and while doing so, kill as many civilian Israelis as possible. The more the better. Whether it was the PA or extremist splinter groups does not matter. Opinion polls among the Palestinians show a great majority currently support the suicide bombings.

For the pregnant woman, tragically killed in Gaza, I also blame the Palestinian people. It was their support of the suicide bombers that brought on their own destruction. For, Israel, in a very restrained response to mass murder of civilians, have opted to bulldoze the homes of known suicide bombers in an effort to deter future suicide bombings. There is already evidence that this has already worked to deter some suicide bombings.

It is not the policy nor the practise of the IDF to kill civilians or needlessly put them in harms way. The death of this mother to be was indeed tragic and most likely unintentional. The Palestinian people need to abandon violent tactics, and institute the rule of law which catches violent criminals, prosecutes them, and jails them.

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