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Jews win by narrow majority, soon repress all others

Becky, Your lack of compassion for the people in the slave state of Isreal is disheartening. By blaming the Palistine peoople for the murders commited by Isreali troops you endorse collective punishment, like when a cop gets shot in inner citys and the whole nehiborhood suffers for one persons crime. All violence is wrong. The Jewish people are not the chosen of the earth, just because they have a really old book to back them up. The Bible is not a land deed, The preganat woman and her unborn child were not victums of palistine, but Isreal. AS THE PARTY IN POWER, only ISREAL can instute peace. As far as your "survay" please post your source of this. Your arguement seems to boil down to "I don't care they are paid slave wages, I don't care they all want freedom. I don't care that violence was a basic part of setting up Isreal. I don't care about the shitty education system that keeps palistine in ingnorance. How dare they be angry at the jews for running over people in tanks. This war will go on untill they learn there place!"

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