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Van wrote: ``This anti-war protest is mostly fluff and little substance. They aren't draftees on the front lines, but they're still following orders.''

Van, i disagree. i have no connection with this action
or the people who are doing it, but i think what they're
doing is great.

you say that people are "still obeying orders"
unless they refuse to pay taxes. sounds good, but is it
true? think about it. was the Vietnam war stopped by
tax resisters? uhhh, no. it was stopped by protests
a lot like the one you are dissing. we now know
that despite what he may have said publicly, then-pres
Nixon was deeply affected by the massive outpouring of
protest in his day. and you can bet that inside their
bunkers, Bush and Cheney are also affected.

a recent poll showed that "Bush would lose" today paired
against an "unnamed democrat".
protests are one element of the social climate that helped
bring about that state of affairs.

don't dis people just because their tactics are not as
extreme as you'd like. there is a whole spectrum of
resistance. everyone who is pushing in the right
direction, no matter how feebly (according to you)
is contributing to a powerful groundswell. a million
people writing letters will have a greater effect
on our govt than a dozen people refusing to pay
their taxes.

furthermore, it could be reasonably argued that tax
resistance is itself a symbolic gesture. the government
will get you in the end. you'll be broke and exhausted,
with even less tangible result than the "fluffy"
protestors you deride.

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