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How many Jewish nations are there at the UN?

Answer: one
How many Arab/Muslim nations are in the UN? 23
How many Arab/Muslim nations have peace treaties with Israel? ---- two
How many Arab/Muslim nations have still pledged they are at war with Israel and intent on their destruction? --- 21
How many terrorist organizations who have pledged the destruction of the state of Israel and operate within the Palestinian Authority or in nearby Lebanon? -- 12

Given these grim, never-mentioned realities (but that the Israelis are well aware of) are UN resolutions sometimes under the influence of Arab/Muslim groups and nations who hate the Jews and are intent on their destruction?

Do the European nations depend on good relations with the Arab/Muslim countries in order to get cheap and free-flowing oil? Couldn't these economic pressures cause countries to curry favor with Arab/Muslim countries who are big oil producers--especially when all they are asking is for them to kick around the Jews again?

Vinny, when Israel signed the peace treaty with Egypt they gave up 93% of the land they won in 1967, gave up their entire domestic supply of oil, and they dismantled Jewish settlements in the Sinai peninsula. I don't see where you get off being skeptical of the likelihood of the Jewish nation doing this again if they thought it would bring peace and recognition of their right to exist as a Jewish nation. Now the Palestinians....

Bradley--Israel is NOT committing genocide. There have been only four examples of genocide in the past century. East Timoor, Rwanda, Cambodia, and the Nazi holocaust. Genocide means killing an entire people. To accuse the Jews of committing genocide against the Palestinians is not only false, but it is unconscionable to use that against a people who know first hand what genocide really means.

Are you blind to the violence committed against the Israelis? The snipers, knife attacks, car bombs, bus bombs, kidnappings, murders, and suicide bombings? You say you are Jewish? Why are you silent about the daily attacks on your own people-- the people who, by their very survival, allowed you to be born and to grow up?

I am not Jewish myself. But I can see a gross injustice being committed against Israel and its people.

And Vinnie, if the deal offered the Palestinians was so bad in 2000, why didn't Arafat put up a counter-offer? Instead, he launched the intifada which, statistics bear out, is directed at killing innocent civilians-- a human rights abuse that you have largely been silent about.

Fifteen Israelis were killed on March 4th in Haifa. Haifa is nowhere near the West Bank. Mostly college students were killed as they rode the bus to class. 50 people were injured. That means lost eyes, lost limbs, being crippled and paralyzed as well as PTSD. Not a word from you Vinny about this. Its really telling.

The International Solidarity Movement claims to be non-violent, but they are the PR spokesmen of those who are committing horrible violent acts against civilian populations. Do you have any idea how many innocent people Arafat and his minions have killed? Those who wear the black and white checked keffiyeh's identifying them with Arafat's tribe are alligning themselves with murderers, bombers, snipers, and suicide bombers. These are people who break into Jewish homes and shoot babies in their cribs!

I am not saying Israel has never done anything wrong. But Israel does have rule of law, and courts who regularly rule on IDF acts and policies.

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