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Response to Becky

Becky, thanks for taking the time to reply to me.

You had stated, "Israel is willing to adjust borders, give up resources, and even dismantle settlements if it will bring peace."

As we both saw last night at the ISM forum at Oakes, Israel certainly is adjusting their borders. They are not content with the current occupation so they continue to occupy more and more land, denying access to Palestinians.

I was wondering, since Israel is willing to give up resources... Is Israel willing to give up its war machines?

And the only settlements that Israel is dismantling are homes for Palestinian people.

Becky, it is up to you if you want to justify the actions of the Israeli state/government/settlers, and you could probably "What if? and How about?" for a very long time.

But I'm looking at things today. I hear Palestine people crying to be left alone and see images of their institutionalized violence, lack of safe water, life behind razor-wire fences, etc...

I know weapons will always be a fact of life (at least for a while longer), but can we stop building more of them for Israel? These weapons are not bringing peace.
How could they?

Perhaps Israel's war crimes are not yet genocide. They are more like "Genocide lite." It is so close to the real thing, that it is hard to tell the difference.

Can we agree that ethnically based killings are being carried out by the state of Israel and even many Israeli citizens living in occupied (or disputed if that is how you prefer to think of it).

No, I am not blind to the violence committed against the Israelis. I support the campaign called UC Divest which I am pretty sure was started by students at UC Berkeley last year. This campaign states, "We find the recent attacks on Israeli civilians unacceptable and abhorrent." I fully agree.

Unfortunately I do not think that campaign (or the website) has been able to be very active lately because they are still dealing with legal issues from a demonstration last April.

Please check out the website for lots of information:

University of California Divestment

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