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If you're going to react with wounded pride over being chewed out for not respecting site policy and decide to never post anything at all - even content within the scope of site policy - that's your choice. You are, I imagine, a big boy and entirely responsible for your decisions.

Given this decision of yours, you obviously have no strong desire to make proper use of our site anyway, so the loss is negligable.

Ironic - you make such a great effort to sound adult and responsible, and then you employ the classic "I'll take my ball and go home" tactic when you can't have your way.

Whatever. I have no time for people who put on airs of maturity. We have a job to do.

> "Non-members are not allowed to post messages to this
> list. Please join at

This is one of 3 possible form-letter rejections that the list software would give to a sender after their post was rejected by the manual review process. In practice, it was used for all manners of spam, news postings (which belong on the site, not the list), and other stuff not related to back-stage operations.

Generally speaking, any inquiry into site policy is always allowed through, as are those into the hiding of specific messages. As a matter of policy, they are never rejected.

In practice however, being a manual filter it may be that one was mistakenly tagged for rejection (the list gets a LOT of commercial spam). But again, without seeing the content of the original mail, I can only speculate.

> Van might have been a little more polite, and willing to
> give the benefit of the doubt, to someone like me,

Politeness is over-rated in America. This isn't a social gathering - we have a purpose here, and wish to draw a crowd with like-minded purpose. Anyone who thinks "politeness" is any kind of a critical issue, needs to get their priorities straight and concern themselves with real business instead of worrying about egos (theirs or anyone else's).

>It is rather ironic that Van has basically invited me to
> go elsewhere, as I was originally encouraged to discover
> this site and post here by an indymedia person
> This person flat-out told me that my presence would bring
> something worthwhile to the party.

There is no irony. That person no doubt expected you to respect site policy, rather than making the same tired old arguments in favor of bad changes to policy which would run counter to our purpose and effectiveness.

That person also, I imagine, expected you to be willing to contribute within the scope of our criteria, even if this meant that other material you might want to post fell outside our criteria.

I suppose that person misjudged you, and now we have the truth on both matters. We all make mistakes.


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