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Finish the War & Have a Party for Troops!

Mr. Farr,

Our courageous fighters from the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coalition partners are doing a fantastic job of removing a despotic dictator's foot from the windpipe of freedom loving Iraqis! The troops are doing this with great care to minimize deaths and injury to civilians and their urban infrastructure - it's really quite an amazing thing that they have been able to do this so well!

Clearly spending on smart bombs and related technologies is SAVING LIVES in Iraq! Please fully fund the requests from President Bush to replenish and further improve our stockpiles of these wonderful life-saving weapons.

I our soldiers worry a great deal about fratricide and collateral damage. I also know they have much more confidence in their abilities to avoid these pitfalls of war with their new equipment. Please don't place them back in the position they were in the old days where such mistakes were commonplace.


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