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this is why I dont vote

Voting has one inherent flaw, at least the way voting is implemented in America.

If I participate in a vote on any subject, I'm making 2 statements. Firstly, I'm stating my primary choice in the matter.

But secondly, I'm implicitly agreeing to accept whatever the majority opinion is, and to abide by it.

The 2nd part of this is critical - if Im not going to abide by the majority decision, I'm not truly participating in the democratic process. I'm just voicing an opinion.

If it's just an opinion poll like something on, that's fine. But if it's a ballot box for a decision based on democratic compromise, and if I cast my vote, I am personally honor-bound to go along with *whatever* the end result is.

To do any less, is to act in deceit. Honesty is the cornerstone of a truly civil society, and deceit the ultimate destroyer of it.

For Sam Farr to vote against taxing the hard-earned income of American citizens to pay for some bullshit military adventure sounds fine on paper, but is for Sam Farr to agree to go along with whatever the majority will may be.

In essence, to vote is to condone an unknown result. Which is fine for some questions - questions of how to use something which is communally owned and yet indivisible (say, 3 people own equal shares of a car and cant agree on where to drive tonight - you have to vote, and accept the result.)

But taxation for unjustified military aggression against another nation? There's a far superior answer to this issue of who pays for it. Let the warhawks pay the bill if they hate Iraq so much, and leave the rest of us the hell alone if they can't afford those $1M-a-pop cruise missiles!

But the system of so-called representative govt as practiced in America today, doesn't like that answer. The majority likes having the minority as slave labor to help pay for the majority's little war parties.

Presidential elections are even more fraudulent in their implementation. If..

40% vote for Republicrat A,
35% vote for Republicrat B, and
25% vote for all the independent guys,

..why does A win with only 40% when 60% of the vote was against him? Maybe those other 25% would have voted for B and the 2nd round (if there was one), and changed everything?

But The System doesnt allow for this. It would rather punish anyone who doesnt vote for the two major parties, by discarding their votes entirely. Thus the status quo of the 2 ruling parties is maintained, and anyone daring to think outside the mainstream political box has their opinions nullified.

Good way to keep society from being influenced by "them damn radicals", huh? The Democrat and Republic parties (which grow more similar with each passing year) get to maintain their duopoly, and keep any philosophical competition out of the ring entirely.

As a further example of the joke that is voting in America, what about non-voters? There's this silly prevailing notion that "if you don't vote, you can't complain".

Funny.. if I don't choose a lesser-of-9-evils from your rigged multiple-choice ballot, I suddenly lose *all my constitutional and human rights*?

I don't need to participate in another sham presidential election, to retain the right to declare very loudly that whatever slimeball gets elected still has no right whatsoever to tell me what to smoke, what to drink, what to eat, or any number of other violations of constitutionally-recognized aspects of personal liberty.

We used to have this thing called the Bill of Rights, which essentially said "The democracy stops here." But I guess that's old fashioned now.

Besides, govt at all levels of society in America has clearly lost almost all sense of self-restraint. They have a million and one rules, half of which contradict one another, and then they pretty much do as they please. They enforce laws in direct violation of other laws, they grossly misapply laws that are thrown out later, they make up laws, they even arrest you, hold you, and release you *without ever filing any kind of charge about breaking ANY law*.

What's the point of pretending anymore? This is not the "rule of law", this is limited chaos.

I'm perfectly willing to live and let live, but I refuse to play along with these silly PR games. Because that's all it is, a big public relations campaign to get us to believe that what the system does to us or otherwise in our name, is justified because we voted for X and he won, or we voted for Y and he lost fair and square so shut up, or we voted for Z and he lost so go ahead and complain now (because fat lotta good that's gonna do, and they know it.)

Nothing but layer upon layer of excuses, justifications, diversions, and lies.

Live and let live, accept responsibility for your own life, don't expect a free lunch from anyone else and don't let anyone else expect a free lunch from you.

And if you have to, fight to defend what is yours. Not just for your own sake, but for the sake of the guy who's gonna get it worse tomorrow if you don't stand up for yourself today.

American law, American politics, hell American philosophy in general is just so much mass hysteria masquerading for rational thought.

Maybe I *should* move to another country - somewhere really, really remote where humans (or at least, Americans) can't find me.

Much as I hate the idea of running away from my home just to escape a bunch of lunatics, it's become impossible to live anywhere in America without getting pestered, regulated, extorted, inspected, tracked, and attacked. (And California is supposed to be a liberal state? There's less regard for liberty here than most of the remaining 49!)

Americans just don't know how to mind their own damned business anymore. That goes for the full political spectrum, left wing to right.

*sigh* It's Rome all over again.

Radical center / Libertarian, so fuck y'all

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