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*Sigh* I guess it never crosses your mind why no one other than a major party candidate has ever won a seat here locally. Maybe because the unrealistic issues you push are just that-- unrealistic. I thought that maybe a thorough, intructive statement about why there has been no meaningful change towards any leftist side (including Robert Norse, who happens to b e lightening rod and major contributor to this page, so if you don't like my bashing of his trustafarian roots get over it and move on-- did you know that he is the son of very wealthy people trying to "speak" for homeless?) in the country would make sense, but since it doesn't then good luck. No, this isn't Dems versus Reps, it's people with realistic goals versus those who wish that candy flowed from springs. In between, however, there is the realistic world. I know that many of you don't wish to face it but you are the minority IN THE COUNTRY. Sorry if this is news, but it is the truth. So, when someone who is normally at the fringe of US politics says "impeachment is not the way to go", maybe you should take up other tactics, like making sure he doesn't win a second term.

I'd love to live in your nice little rent-controlled part of the world where what you believe really comes true, and if you wish hard enough then Bush will not be president. But how about working to ensure that he is not elected to a second term? That's what I was saying last time- I don't BLAME the greens for electing Bush (although that should be on their minds) but everyone who is decrying his policies should join with those (like the local Dems) whoa re trying to ensure that he doesn't get a second term. All this worthless hootin' and hollerin' about impeachment is wasted energy. You can wish all you want, but it won't come true.

Hey, I want everyone to have adequate food. If I protest against the metro transit board, will it happen? No. That's the rediculousness of your arguments put in a different light.

And Robert Norse deserves all the criticism in the world. Just because you don't have the balls top call his bs like the rest of us doesn't mean he isn't the most unfortunate thing to happen to Santa Cruz since his parents paid him off to leave Carmel.

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