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to Jerry

If you're jealous of Robert for his supposed (because I have yet to see him even confirm this for us) financial indepedence from the necessary evil of working for a living, that's your problem.

Whatever schism you suffer that causes you to hate anyone who enjoys greater fortune than you, is only a reflection upon your character.

I don't care if Robert's theoretical fortune came from regular employment, stocks, drug dealing to consenting adults (which is just free market capitalism anyway), the lottery, or a rich uncle who kicked the bucket.

So long as it didn't come from robbing banks, fraud, extortion, or war profiteering, then it's his by right and I wish I were so lucky.

Really, this petty jealousy is unbecoming. Many wealthy people contribute their money to various charities. What is wrong with one who uses his money (if he has any) to contribute *vast quantities* of his time and effort instead?

And so what if, as you claim, he has a bit of an ego? What's wrong with being proud of himself for standing strong in a long battle for a cause he considers noble? News flash - it requires an ego to think you can make the world a better place.

Furthermore - this is a newswire, not a bulletin board. Please post NEWS to the newswire, not your personal rants. If you want to rant, comment on an existing NEWS ITEM (preferably a relevant one, dont just choose one at random. And if there are none relevant, maybe we can be spared your character assassination garbage altogether.)


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