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Everyone talks about the weather, and many countries are doing something about it..."

Dear Friends Concerned About Chemtrails,

Reading the following report gave me chills. Every clue and concept teased from a four-year investigation into chemtrails is confirmed, placed in project and planetary context – and often elaborated by someone claiming to be an "architect" of the chemtrails project.

If genuine, this "insider's report" confirms the chemtrails program currently underway over at least 14 allied countries.
But is this latest "inside" chemtrails scoop more authentic than earlier "insider" report - including the faxing flyboy at Aspen's airport, and the emailing "mechanic" who claimed to have installed chemtrail spray tanks in airliners?

It is as impossible to verify this speaker's bona fides as any other anonymous email.

True, this person certainly knows atmospheric chemistry – exactly as claimed. Though much of this textbook information is irrelevant to the discussion at hand and seems more intended to impress than elucidate chemtrails.

Still, the current emergency – known to scientists as Earth's "Sixth Great Extinction Event" (the Fifth was the end of the dinosaurs) – is real enough. If despite increasing onslaughts of wild weather and uncharacteristic temperatures you think global warming is some kind of enviro/fascist/commie/White House plot and not something that is coming directly out your tailpipe, check out 2030: Thermageddon by Robert Hunter.

Or turn on the Weather Channel.

Or read the report below. Two zingers stand out:

1. "It is estimated that 2 billion worldwide will be affected to some degree by the spraying."

2. "Without spraying we have a 90% + chance of becoming extinct as a species with in the next 20 years."

My specific comments on points raised in this interview, and my verdict on its veracity, follow this report.

My best to all,
Will Thomas


William Thomas

May 20/2003

The Chemtrail Report currently circulating by a proclaimed project insider is an excellent compendium of current chemtrails evidence set forth in Chemtrails Confirmed, the video "Chemtrails: Mystery Lines In The Sky, as well as the work of Clifford Carnicom in Santa Fe, Bob Fitrakis and Kim Weber in Ohio and other prominent chemtrails investigators.

The email report also offers details on the project timetable and frightening warnings of a two billion-person cull and total collapse of our spaceship's unraveling biosphere "within 20 years".

The notion of an even more drastic cull of Earth's human populations have been put forward by White House advisers for decades – without acknowledging that the most dire population threat comes from the planet-threatening consumption, waste and pollution by overdeveloped nations– not teeming the "Two-Thirds World" whose indignant, indigent indigenous populations aspire to the West's profligate lifestyle.

The imminent crackup of Space Colony Earth within 20 to 30 years continues to be predicted by eminent scientists, as well as orgs as prestigious as the World Wildlife Fund. We are currently in the midst of a "Sixth Great Extinction Event" which is seeing species disappearing into permanent extinction even faster than the last Great Extinction, which eliminated dinosaurs and most other species from this planet over a span of millennia, not mere decades.

The originator of this report could have drawn on all of this readily available information to compile her/his responses to an email correspondence for which no identification or return e-address was given.

He or she could also be speaking from direct, first-hand knowledge of the chemtrails project.

Let's take a closer look at some of the statements made by these latest "inside" revelations:

With its characteristic brilliant white color, barium is also highly reflective. So chemtrail perpetrators could achieve a "two-for-the-price-of-one-application" by spraying a material that acts as an electrolyte to conduct radar and radio waves – as well as weather-changing and subterranean x-raying HAARP transmissions, and ever-present electromagnetic smog – while also reflecting the sunlight heating up the "greenhouse" gases trapped in Earth's atmosphere. Barium has nearly double the refractive index of water – and is even higher in reflectivity than glass. It has turned up in chemtrail-contaminated precipitation samples taken last winter in Edmonton, Alberta.

Using gossamer polymers to drift on the upper winds and keep relatively heavy chemtrail particulates suspended in the atmosphere make sense. But I wonder about the assertion of polluting "non-biodegradable polymers" allegedly used in chemtrails. Since this phenomenon burst into public purview in 1998, one of the biggest obstacles to sampling chemtrail "cobwebs" continues to be the degradation of these fine, rapidly biodegradable strands, draped in 40-foot lengths over porches, power lines and police cruisers. HAARP's inventor Bernard Eastlund has identified Ohio-produced polymers that can be tuned to HAARP's specific frequencies. [see also Chemtrails Confirmed]

The explanation given for frequently reported night chemtrail spraying also "tracks". Remember, too, that when discussing our living planet's daily cycles of respiration, the biggest heat differentials in the atmosphere occur after dark. Spraying a "Welsbach seeding" material that changes the wavelength of trapped solar heat into frequencies capable of radiating into space should work well at night. [See Chemtrails Confirmed]

According to this "insider", the CDC is complicit in a WHO plot to kill two billion people over the next six decades – mostly the elderly and those prone to respiratory problems – through exposure to chemtrails.

Where does this freakish figure come from? While severe illnesses and even deaths have been attributed to respiratory and/or gastrointestinal, and even heart complications following exposure (particularly among the elderly) – there are no current health statistics showing a genocidal jump in state or provincial mortalities.
Nor have any documented, lab-tested samples of chemtrail-contaminated snow and rainfall revealed deliberately induced pathogens in the spray.

A 10% dieback in population, which is the definition of genocide, would see bodies stacked in the streets.

This unnamed source could forward the referenced WHO report without revealing their identity. Documentation is absolutely essential for this assertion of a two billion-person chemtrail cull to be credible. And repeatable.

(In contrast, the "Deep Sky" source interviewed by radio reporter S.T. Brendt on three occasions – twice in front of radio station WMWV witnesses – did reveal his name to Brendt and has been thoroughly checked out as a high-level FAA air traffic control manager. His chemtrail observations have been corroborated by eye-witnesses including, and other than Brendt, who has also spoken personally to controllers confirmed by her primary source regarding their continuing chemtrail radar observations.)

If the long-rumored and never substantiated chemtrail cull is true, whether fatalities from chemtrail spraying are intentional or an "unintended consequence" of the program – why not go for it?

Policy makers Kissinger, Prince Philip and similar dim-bulb luminaries have called for a cull of a significant portion of Earth's human population in order to prevent ecological and economic meltdown. So it can only be assumed that killing low-income "useless eaters" and elderly "human weeds" (to quote early American eugenicists) would be quite easy to stomach by elite exploiters concerned by the continuing crackup of our spaceship's life-support systems.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report cited in Chemtrails Confirmed calls for 10 million tons of chemtrail particulates to be spread on the atmosphere. If participating countries are "randomizing" deliveries of chemicals to chemtrail spray-plane bases, as this source alleges, transport of megatons of raw material across oceans, national and interior boundaries must be "trackable". I have been unable to track such large-scale commodity movements, or sales of barium and aluminum oxide on the Net. Perhaps a professional stock analyst could spot "spikes" in commercial barium and aluminum oxide production. Except for meeting the size requirements of 10 microns called for by the Hughes Patent, neither material requires commercial refining.

Another problem is that there are no chemtrails reports coming out of Russia, as claimed by this "Deep Shield" correspondent. Nor are chemtrails being photographed over the former Soviet Union, Central or South America.

Another problem with this "insider's" response is the assertion that chemtrails "could be used for biological and chemical warfare. It could also be used to inoculate large populations." Though the writer goes on to admit that "the effectiveness of these uses are low" – they are in fact zero. Spraying biowarfare agents and inoculations against "cocktails" of biowar terror agents is also contrary to established biowar practice and common sense.

Chemical and biological agents such as those used during Desert Storm [see Bringing The War Home] are dispersed at night from low altitudes to assure adequate concentrations – and delay rapid degradation by daylight UV, rain and wind.

A second consideration is that there are not enough chem/bio agents available to load a squadron of KC-10 tanker planes – each capable of dispensing 320,000 pounds of fuel or other chemicals – never mind hundreds of tankers over decades.

Ditto expensively stockpiled and suspect "vaccines" delivered by the tanker-load. The "aerosol inoculations" now being produced and patented for the US military are intended for nasal ingestion – like an asthma spray. Spraying vaccines from airplanes flying in the stratosphere would be as useless as deliberately spraying fragile bugs or chemical agents from those freezing, nearly airless and irradiated altitudes to cull a population on the ground. As Dr. Len Horowitz has so thoroughly documented, contaminated vaccines are the best bet for infecting targeted populations. [See Emerging Viruses, also Death In The Air]

While some 38 Canadian soldiers served alongside US forces in Iraq as part of an ongoing military personnel exchange – and were not recalled despite Ottawa's professed non-involvement in that illegal invasion – Canadian Forces pilots are not "carrier qualified". Canada operates no aircraft carriers and its few fighter pilots have no need to be carrier-capable, as this writer alleges.

But "Canuckistan", with its high-latitude vulnerability to ozone depletion and a toasted Prairies breadbasket, would indeed be keen on supporting a chemtrails program. And keeping it quiet. Ottawa already has a record of secretly collaborating with the Pentagon on conducting "open air" biowar experiments on Canadian schoolchildren in Winnipeg and other cities.

This source claims that "Commercial jet airliners are used" - as recommended in the original Hughes patent. S/he admits, "how the canisters and the spraying is done on this kind of craft is unknown to me exactly" – before going on to claim, "The technology used for spraying is rather simple. It requires at least two tanks under pressure."

Once again, unlike federal air traffic controllers and military flight crews, airline mechanics are not bound by strict secrecy oaths. A practice that might expose innocent passengers to toxic chemicals or unsafe flight procedures would surely be exposed – to the press, or at least to airline captains supposedly ignorant of modifications the FAA says must be logged in the mechanical logbooks of all modified aircraft.

It's hard to believe that any airline captains apprised of the non-standard installation of pressurized chemical tanks in the back of their airplanes capable of venting aerial pollutants in direct contravention of EPA and FAA regulations while possibly endangering the lives of all onboard would do not raise hell and refuse to take-off.

The Hughes patent calls for aluminum oxide and other sunlight-reflectant materials to be put directly into jet fuel for disbursement through the engine exhaust. Hardly negligible, as this source claims, some 15 million flights per year (before 911) would see chemtrails disbursed around the globe.

But the Hughes patent "For The Reduction Of Global Warming" also warns that this concept probably won't fly due to opposition by some nations, and by citizens angered over the visual whitening appearance of the sky.

Our anonymous correspondent confirms that plastic polymers cannot be sent through the intense heat of a jet engine – hence the need for special spray apparatus readily visible on any crowded airport ramp in the country. To date we have seen zero photographs of any type of spray apparatus on US Air Force tankers or commercial airliners. Small executive jet Cessna Citations have been photographed close-up revealing spray nozzles to dispense chemicals used in atmospheric tracking and research.

As Sid writes of these FAA-registered jets in white NOAA paint schemes:
"I've watched the Citation and Lear type jets destroy the oncoming storms for the last three years. KCs also! I immediately sent copies of the photos to Cessna Corporate headquarters and to Pratt & Whitney corporate offices in Canada and
Connecticut P&W responded with a phone call and subsequent emails. What I can tell you now is that the engineers had no
idea what the modifications were for. I think they do now!"

If the dire solar radiation warnings relayed in this report are real – we've had it. The reason is because, as these revelations reiterate, "large sections of ocean are all but ignored" by chemtrail sprayers.

Which means bye-bye sunfried phytoplankton.

This may seem like no major deal. But just as microscopic microbes are making world headlines, these tiny marine critters anchor the entire marine food web – while acting as bigger CO-2 scrubbers and oxygen suppliers than all the forests ashore. We've already seen disaster around Antarctica a few years ago, where the krill die-off from solar radiation streaming through an Antarctic-wide ozone hole was followed by the starvation-extinction of entire penguin colonies, and a lot of hungry whales.

Ozone depletion is true planetary emergency. But is it dire enough to call for a continuous chemtrail screen laid down by squadrons of big jets tearing apart the ozone layer with their own emissions? (Not to mention constant missile launches.)

In 2001, alarm bells rang throughout our spaceship as a record ozone hole larger than the combined area of the United States, Canada and Mexico opened above the entire Antarctic. [USA Today 11/24/02]

But according to the WMO Antarctic Ozone Bulletin #7, issued on Nov. 14, 2002, the most recent Antarctic ozone hole has remained "well below season norms… less than half of its maximum size in late August and early September" and "the smallest in at least two decades."

USA Today explained that the smallest Antarctic ozone hole since 1988 occurred "after abnormal weather patterns in Earth's upper atmosphere interfered with the chemical reactions that break down ozone molecules in the stratosphere."

It turns out that as Earth's weather-making troposphere pumped energy into the stratosphere, the size and strength of the polar vortex was diminished - something frequently observed in the Arctic, but seldom around the South Pole.

2002's weird weather pattern appeared to be a "self-correcting" confirmation of Lovelock's "Gaia Hypothesis" of an awakening Earth's complex web of feedback interactions. But shrinking Antarctic ozone holes "should not be viewed as a long-term trend," scientists cautioned. []

The latest ozone hole measurements are coming from Antarctic weather stations operated by Argentina, Finland, Italy, Spain, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, the UK and USA – augmented by ozone data from NASA/TOMS, NOAA/TOVS, NOAA/SBUV/2 and ESA/GOME satellites.

Since 1990 WMO has arranged for the preparation of daily maps of total ozone distribution over the Northern Hemisphere during the period 1 November to 31 March.

But we are still in deep trouble. According to the WMO, recent updates on the state of the ozone over the Northern mid- to polar latitudes show "Strong ozone deficiency persists pole ward of 60N from Northern Scandinavia over the Russian Arctic and Northern Siberia."

The trend toward the natural regeneration of our spaceship's protective ozone shielding is now being reversed as stratospheric temperatures low enough for the formation of big high-altitude ice clouds of frozen CFCs are "continuing to be much below normal" according to the World Met Org.

In fact, this year's "ozone decline has accelerated" – with a 20% drop in normal ozone layer levels appearing, "for a short time, over the Canadian Arctic, and nearly continuously over Northern Siberia where, in early March, they exceeded 30%."

Multiply by two for the percentage increase in skin cancers for organisms exposed to increased UVB. That is, a 20% drop in the ozone layer = a 40% increase in skin cancer; 30% = 60%.

These are big numbers. While world attention was focused on the invasion and occupation of Iraq, an even more serious emergency was taking place overhead. At –20% and –30%, ozone depletion for the coldest February 20 to March 10, 2003 period, "stretched from Northern Scandinavia eastward over the Russian Arctic up to the river Lena in Northern Siberia. Over Europe, from Spain to Ukraine the deviations were -10 to -12%," says the WMO. Readings over North America they -6 to -10%."

Drastic. But not dire.

"Without the shield," claims this correspondent, "UV poisoning would cause great death."

Not true. Not at this time. While still a significant human health hazard, according to the WMO, this year's Ozone Mass Deficiencies are "about a fifth less than in the record setting springs of 1993,1995 or 1996." []

UNEP concurs. The United Nations Environment Programme reported on the "Environmental effects of ozone depletion" in an interim update issued August 2000.
UNEP says overall ozone loss "seems to have leveled off".

But don't go cooking yourself in the sun too soon. "Due to uncertainties in instrument calibrations and natural year-to-year variability," UNEP cautions, "we cannot yet be sure whether global ozone has reached a minimum."

While atmospheric chlorine concentrations are beginning to decrease, UNEP projects "the prospects for ozone recovery remain uncertain." Part of this perplexity comes from high halogen levels in the atmosphere (even worse ozone-depleters than CFCs) – plus the likelihood of volcanic eruptions launching megatons of ozone-eating ejecta into the stratosphere as earthquake activity continues to escalate worldwide

Things won't be back to "normal" soon, if ever. "Interactions between global warming and ozone depletion could delay ozone recovery by more than a decade," UNEP says. At least one increasingly sophisticated climate model predicts differences in ozone recovery patterns, "with larger ozone depletions being expected in the Northern European sector."

Interestingly, "locations with largest ozone depletion are not necessarily those where recovery will be seen earliest," UNEP notes. "Based on statistical considerations of ozone variability, southern mid-latitudes are the first location at which ozone recovery may be detectable."

Which would seem to point to Antarctica's incredible shrinking ozone hole as part of this early recovery. Until, that is, we recall that last year's split ozone holes1 over Antarctica were caused by freakish weather conditions – not a recovering levels of stratospheric ozone.

Stay tuned. Whether or not it is the priority of some 14 nations to secretly shield their citizens and crops from fluctuating solar radiation levels, UNEP says, "Even with the expected decreases in atmospheric chlorine, it will be decades before the ozone recovery can be unambiguously identified at individual locations."

Faced with imminent curtailment of petroleum pollution and profits in the face of global climate change, the chance to cool global warming while at the same time shielding large swaths of the wealthy nations of the northern hemisphere would be compelling to an "oil president" and his corporate cabal.

This "insider" further states that "ozone at ground levels does no good" in protecting us from ultraviolet sunlight.

On the contrary, UNEP points out that "In Mexico City, poor air quality has been shown to be responsible for reductions of about 20% in skin-reddening UV in the city centre compared with the suburbs."

In Moscow, similar changes in atmospheric opacity from clouds and/or aerosol pollution "were also probably responsible for a reported gradual decrease in UV from the 1960s to the mid 1980s."

Ground-level ozone does act as a partial sunshield. Also known as smog, street-level ozone is unfortunately often lethal to individuals susceptible to industrial air pollutants in the 10-micron range, or smaller. (A human hair is 100 microns across.)

It is particularly worrying that the Hughes Patent calls for chemtrails to be sprayed at 10 microns – a size of particulate the EPA calls "an extreme health hazard". [See Chemtrails Confirmed] These microscopic irritants are the primary health hazard presented by chemtrails – along with barium toxicity and microorganisms precipitated out of the upper atmosphere and brought down into human tissues by chemtrails.

SARS and West Nile are just the beginning. UNEP predicts "changes in climate due to global warming could lead to alterations in the distribution of insects and other vectors that carry human and animal pathogens. Such alterations, combined with increased UV-B-induced immunosuppression from ozone depletion, could increase the incidence and/or severity of the diseases these pathogens induce."

Scientists also say that besides severely depressing human immunity to disease, continued UV irradiation could also render vaccines to novel pathogens ineffective.

This unidentified report strongly echoes the findings and surmises presented in Chemtrails Confirmed and "Chemtrails: Mystery Lines In The Sky". So much so, it is either a strong validation or directly sourced from this book and video – as well as drawing strongly from Clifford Carnicom, Kim Weber, Columbus Alive reporter Bob Fitrakis and others who blew loud whistles on the barium component of chemtrails. [See also Earth Island Journal Summer '02 "Stolen Skies" by William Thomas]

If this report was put together from Internet sources and the work done by the researchers listed above, it does provide an accurate summary of the evidence unearthed to date.

If it is genuine, many of its remarks are corroborated by the researchers listed above, and many others who have devoted years or personal effort and expense to this investigation.

The report's speculations, flaws and contradictions resurrect longstanding and stubborn objections without satisfactorily addressing them – including the technical and security nightmare of fitting pressurized spray-tanks to commercial airliners; an unsubstantiated two million-person cull; missing Russian chemtrails; and the impracticalities of spreading inoculants and/or biowarfare from high altitudes.

In short, every aspect of published chemtrails research and speculation is regurgitated indiscriminately in this unsigned report.

With apologies to true believers excited by these recent "revelations", whether false or genuine in its insider origins, journalists requiring documented, first-hand sources will be unable to make use of this report without independent verification of its "Deep Shield" source and citations.

While it would be deeply gratifying to claim vindication for findings first published and broadcast in Chemtrails Confirmed and "Chemtrails: Mystery Lines In The Sky", there are enough bloopers to render this report, "inconclusive". Moreover, in the absence of corroboration for some of its wilder statements, the possibly persists that this is yet another chemtrails hoax drawn from already published texts and Internet reports.

Which is too bad. The shortest route to national media exposure remains for a credible chemtrails insider to come forward with documentation and at least verify their identity confidentially with accredited reporters. If the air traffic controllers observing chemtrail-dispensing USAF tanker on their scopes would come forward as individuals or a group simply to express their concerns over particulate emissions some controllers say could be hazardous to the environment human health – this story could no longer escape exposure on the 6 o'clock news.

Until then, the work of many chemtrails investigators – and anonymous email tipsters – continues.

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