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Re: Bike to Sacramento!

Hey look at the Eco-Farm website.

They are based in Watsonville and organizing a Festival of Resistance to USDA's Ministerial on International Agriculture

World Agricultural Leaders Come to California!!

From June 23 – 25, 2003, the Ministers of Trade, Agriculture and Environment from 180 nations will meet in Sacramento at a Summit and Expo on Agricultural Science and Technology hosted by the USDA, USAID, and the U.S. State Department. This convergence of government officials from around the world, and the thousands of media outlets that will follow, provides a rare opportunity for California’s sustainable agriculture movement to showcase organic and ecological agriculture as a viable alternative to the genetic engineering and environmentally damaging chemical-use promoted by the U.S. Government and multi-national corporations.

Eco-Farm responds!

This gathering of ministers, other officials and the press gives the Sustainable Agriculture Movement a unique opportunity to address some of the most pressing issues of our time: the threat of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to ecosystems, human health and organic agriculture; the consolidation of farming production into the hands of a few multi-national corporations and the corresponding loss of the American family farm; and the environmental and human health consequences of the chemically-intensive industrial model of farming.

EFA has joined a coalition of northern California Ag groups, including Community Alliance with Family Farms (CAFF), CCOF, Food First, International Forum on Globalization, and Center For Food Safety, among others, and we are planning events alongside this summit to help educate Ministers, media, lawmakers and others about alternative agricultural systems that sustain farmers and the environment, while producing healthy, affordable, dependable food. Events planned include a VIP Briefing with organic dinner catered by Alice Waters (ministers only); Informative Workshops on GMO’s, Food Irradiation, Biodiversity, Food Security, and more; a Press Center, where media can come and find information on alternative agriculture; a Successful Organic Farms Tour; and a booth inside the Trade Expo.

EFA is planning the Successful Organic Farms Tour and is coordinating a coalition Expo Booth. We are also facilitating farmer presence at events and in the media.

- The Successful Organic Farms Tour will showcase the best practices of ecological agriculture, including wildlife stewardship, watershed management, and hi-yield production techniques.

-At the booth, we will give away delicious organic produce, organic coffee and organic wine, as well as represent ecological agriculture as a viable and healthful option that 43.3% of the US population is supporting with their food dollars. Sponsors of the booth include Organic Ag Advisors, Royal Blue Organics, Frog’s Leap Winery and Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op.

We are still seeking in-kind and funding support for these valuable activities. All contributions are welcomed! If you are unable to contribute financially, food donations, help with publicity and outreach, attendance, and hospitality for out of towners are also needed.

Please contact Jessica Miller at 831-763-2111 or jessica (at) for more info!

FAQ on the Sacramento Ministerial:

Alternative Events for Ministers and Activists in at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Conference in Sacramento, California:

For more information, or latest updates, please visit the Sacramento Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture at

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