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Support S.1046?? Why another law?

Couldn't a "more independent and less monopolized media" come from less law, rather than more? Specifically, couldn't more diversity find its way on the air if the FCC wasn't standing in the way, saying who could and couldn't be a broadcaster, and authorizing new licensees to stomp all over existing radio squatters (as a Christian radio station was recently authorized to do, in taking over Freak Radio Santa Cruz's 96.3 FM frequency and crowding out our long-time Pirate radio station over much of its former coverage area)?

Why do you fixate on shuffling the Titanic's deck chairs? Why do you waste energy and precious time to support affirmations of government authority to make the rules of broadcasting, such as S. 1046? Do you think that passage of this measure would lead to any real victory? When will you see that begging the government to solve problems it caused in the first place can ever only bring new problems and re-start the sorry cycle anew?

When will you quit tugging your forelocks at power and realize that the government is supposed to work for you? When will you assert your right to change the parts of government that are no longer serving their purposes? When will you demand that people like Freak Radio Santa Cruz are to be treated as criminals no more? When hell freezes over?

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