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Gender issues or hundreds of issues are not going to mean jack shit if bush is reselected. People, we are not going to get a prince charming for president, so please get off the anal/mentality, and see what is happening. You can focus on any number of issues and get fixated, and totally miss the boat. So, what, are you not going to vote for the democrat if he doesn't come out with a stong focus on what you want him to focus on? Imagine this: 4 more years is going to be nothing less than the full rise of the 4th reich. There will be staged "terror" attacks, FORCED VACCINATIONS, QUARANTEEN FOR THOSE WHO REFUSE, MILITARY CHECK POINTS, ACTIVISTS DISSAPEARING, A FULL SUSPENSION OF THE CONSITUTION AND A FULL BLOWN NIGHTMARE THAT IS GOING TO MAKE THINGS AS THEY ARE NOW "THE GOOD OLD DAYS". Do you get the point? We are on the verge of a full on military police state, and we are either going to see the larger picture or do what "liberals" often do which is get totally anal about their favorite cause and miss the bigger picture. So, great, Leiberman was at the event. Did you want him president (before he fortunately dropped out) just because he showed up to support your cause.

None of this is going to matter if these criminals are relected.

IMO we should be focusing on the overall violence that this administration is perpetuating on all of the planet, and all of us. Not just woman, not just Arabs, but EVERYONE.

No one is going to be worse the shrubco. on the issues of gender, poverty, or anything else. It will be miracle enough considering all the factors if the Democrat nominee wins, with bogus elections and all.
So, the reality check is that if the democrat, wheoever his is does NOT beat Shrub, we are in for our worst nightmare. None of this is going to make a rat's ass difference if he is reselected.

And no democrat could possibly be WORSE than Schrub, right???

Get it?

The survival and safety of EVERYONE is at stake.

See the larger picture. Thanks.

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