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My favorite memory of FRSC was in 1998, when the FRSC studio was located in a converted barn behind my house and the FCC showed up at my front door. FRSC host Robert Norse and I were not home, but pulled up to the curb while the two agents from the FCC were exiting my front porch. When I got inside the house, I found out what had happened. My then 7-yr old son had opened the door to the FCC and was informed that the FCC was there to inspect the radio station. He immediately called his 12 yr old sister to take care of the situation. (My 18 yr old son was in the shower at the time and missed the entire incident) "We are the FCC and we are here to inspect the radio station on your property." My daughter said "Do you have a search warrant?" my daughter insisted. The two agents shuffled uncomfortably. The other FCC agent said something akin to "We don't need no stinkin' search warrant" but my daughter persisted.

"Well you can't tresspass!" she informed them. This statement drove them to the curb.

Robert Norse and I went outside and briefly met the FCC with videocamera and tape recorder in hand. They mumbled something about affecting airplane flights, and left. We never saw them again.

Later Carol Denney of Berkeley Liberation Radio made up and mailed my daughter a certificate of appreciation for "Bravery in the face of the FCC."
She was the 12 yr-old girl who saved Free Radio Santa Cruz.

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