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It's a beautiful day in the neiborhood.
Cointelpro was just a "conspiracy theory"!
The Sept. 11th coverup is just a "conspiracty theory".
The JFK coverup is just a conspiracy theory, the oklahoma city bombing coverup is jut a conspiracy theory. Haarp is just a conspiracy theory. FEMA is just a conspiracy theory. The administrations lies are just conspiracy theories. It's 1984. We need to obey, and not think. Remember: anyone who exposes the matrix is to be ridiculed. Anyone who thinks "differently" is simply a left wing nut. Anyone who says that our fearless leader is wearing no clothes is to be accused of being a "conspiracy freak". Chemtrails are just normal, The Patriot Act is to protect American's from terrorists. Anyone who thinks the constitution is being shredded is to be labeled a "constitution freak". Vaccinations are good for you. Fox news is the most balanced. Marijuana leads to hard drugs. The earth is flat.

Remember that most people want to unconciously keep you trapped. Step out of the matrix. Wake up and realize what is happening.

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