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Re: Urgent Action - Demand Bush Testify before 9-11 Commission - URGENT ACTION!!

Thanks for this post. This work is the cutting edge. I love to see them squirm. I would love to see Bush and others have to answer the basic questions. We can't let them get away with this!!!

9-11 International Inquiry March 26th-28th.
Herbst Theatre San Fransisco

sponsored by kpfa, from the wilderness, veterans for peace and others.

Expose Bush's lies. Stop the 9-11 coverup.

They will never admit to what they have done.

They will never tell the truth. This is Nixon and Clinton on steroids!

Bushco. to International Criminal Tribunal and Kerry into office in 04.

Shave Bush in 2004
4 years were 4 too many.

It's got to be overwhelming, or these idealogue psychopathic armagaddon chicken hawks will Re-steal the election and continue their reign of terror across the planet and domestically.

Nader will just divide the vote and give bush a win. Left people who realize the danger of 4 more years must realize that Kerry is the democratic candidate against bush and we all have to band behind him to defeat the monster and his reptillian crew of war mongering leeches who have taken over the White House and given America a very bad name. This is 1984 on steroids as well.

Don't fall for the lie that they are all the same. Nader does a disservice at this juncture. The ability to see distinction and differentiation is vital now. Kerry is not Bush. He may not be your idea of perfection, but he is going to reverse allot of the damage that has been done. He at least will slow down the reactionary agenda, and derail their momentum.

Don't buy into the skull and bones line. There is diferentiation within skull and bones. Not everyone is the same. Third parties will only help bush. That is the sad but true fact. Once Kerry is the president, not bush, we can continue to move forward with progressive agendas. But if we divide the vote now, and bush takes it, we are all very much up shit's creek. And there will be no more chances.And no paddles. And no constitution, and a draft, and more fear, and more Patiot laws passed until we are living in a prison.

There will be no election in 2008. There will be no more semblence of democracy.

So please, whatever you do, don't think that third party politics, however ritious and progressive they may be, will do anything but directly help the republican party and George W. Bush.

Once Kerry is in, move forward with your activism. For now, we have to use our collective energy to expose the truth about the bush crime family, and the real agenda of the reactionary republican right. In case you do not know what that is, I will tell you. Their agenda is to further stage "terrorist" attacks like Oklahoma City and 9-11, to create fear and to give the context to pass laws related to further levels of the Patriot Act. Preparing the way for the final stage in the enslavement of the people. These have been progessively passed, over the years, out of site and mind of the average American. They like to do things gradually so that we don't notice the larger picture. The larger picture is that they are setting the stage for a Code Red, which would activate a full state of Martial Law including check points, curfews, and possibly forced vaccinations and quaranteen. They know the biggest resistance to their agenda for a New World Order military police state is going to be right here in the United States. There are over 500 concentration camps set up right now all over the country. These are documented and manned by FEMA military personel. This is where the "resistance" will be taken. They know that there will be massive uprising when the public realize what is actually being done. The supression of dissent is going to be even much more intense than it has been. They are just testing the waters for the real police actions that they know will happen when people wake up and realize they are being manipulated and enslaved gradually.
We have seen a taste at the Free Trade Protest in Florida and other protests where police violence has been unprecedented. You need to know that there are many millions of dollars producing tons of the highest tech, "low impact" and "non leathal" weapons to be used on the masses of people who protest the police state agenda. There is so much money that is spent on these weapons we don't know about. They include electro magnetic weapons that can control the moods, emotions, energies and abilities to respond in large crouds.

The Iraq war was a testing ground. The American people are very manipulatable. But millions have woken up, and every day more wake up. It is up to you and me to spread the word about the lies and treachery of the bush crime family. The republican's have been mind controlled and duped to believe that the current administration is a benefit to anyone but themeselves.

They were waving the flags for hitler as well. He was well liked just like the current commander in theif is supposedly well liked by the mind controlled Republican's. Look out for rigged polls and rigged elections. Only a landlide for Kerry will make it too obvious to be messed with. Then we have to pray they don't stage a bio or chem attack and suspend elections for national security reasons or some shit. Anything could happen. Something major probably will.

Look out for the staged capture of Bin Laden right before the election. It is as bogus as the capture of Saddam. Interesting, haven't heard about him lately huh? He has a few things to say the U.S. doesn't want said I guess. :)

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