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Re: Calling All Women and Men for the Global Women's Strike

> * Food security for all, starting with breastfeeding mothers. Paid maternity leave,
> breastfeeding breaks & other benefits stop penalising us for being women.

And who pays for this? That's the question that these communist demands never answer - who pays?

TANSTAAFL - There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Try being an EMPLOYER sometime, someone who CREATES the jobs to which you feel so entitled. Why should an employer give you money for 9 months while you give him nothing in return?

Sure, you can *ask* for it - politely! That's part of negotiation.

But will you stop there? Or will you resort to armed violence to get your way, by sending police to enforce some new ill-begotten socialist "mandatory paid maternity leave" law?

I see no injustice here - just people who forget that their rights as employees end where my rights as an employer begin.

You want my money? Then WORK for it, or offer me something else in exchange. Something other than laws and threats.

Greed masquerading as injustice; how sick is that.

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