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write your own fucking article

Thanks for the compliment....

But, did you have to follow it up with a complaint???

Do you think I like having my photos here with no article to go with it?

Do you think i grow a little bitter at the lack of participation in this community news resource?

I got to the county building at about 9:15 and was looking for a 'rally' on the steps cuz that's what I heard was happening (i only heard about it the night before at the UCSC women's day event). Then, I found out the meeting was upstairs on the 5th floor.

This was my first ever board of supervisors meeting in any county.

I took almost a hundred photos that day at the meeting.

And, I do not even like taking photos indoors very much.

I went right home after the meeting and worked on editing, re-touching, re-sizing, and publishing these 30 or so photos from about 11 AM until about 5:30 PM with only taking a couple of very short brakes and eating a day old bagel. My head hurt from looking at the machine. My body even felt strange from having a laptop on my lap for 8 hours.

I show up at the meeting, take the photos, get them published on the newswire, and format them into a feature with little summary and some hotlinks.

Sorry, I'll work harder next time.

I'll take notes during the next meeting and take photos, maybe even record some audio....

Brian Seals and Bill Lovejoy got paid to write a story and take photos for the Sentinel.

I would link to the story right now... but, the Sentinel website has been down everytime I check it....

I've got to admit... I liked the photos in the Sentinel today better than mine (which were available a full 12 hours before the Sentinel's....)

And.... if I had taken notes and asked people their names, like Brian Seals did... then, I too could have written an article.....

But, I took photos instead.....

Of the hundreds of people that were at that meeting....
you chose to knock me for not writing an article.

If more people took part in Santa Cruz Indymedia, then SC-IMC would have nicer features and coverage etc....

But, you've got a summary and a bunch of photos instead.

Don't Hate The Media, Become the Media.

Indymedia is not meant for spectators.

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