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if you want articles, stop censoring

"If more people took part in Santa Cruz Indymedia, then SC-IMC would have nicer features and coverage etc...."

If SC-IMC didnt delete so many articles in their blind and rabid enforcement of a strictly wishy-washy pacifist communist rich-white-male-hating agenda, if instead it allowed some actual.. gee, I dont know... DIVERSITY???.. of public opinion, you'd have more articles.

SC-IMC is a good mirror for Santa Cruz activism - all talk, little action, and even less tolerance for opposing opinion.

Good work, guys.

p.s. Bradley, the problem with your report is that your photos alone do not tell the story. And with no one else telling it, Im afraid all you've done is show us some meaningless (literally: conveying no meaning) shots of local politicos.

It makes for nice stock footage to file away for other reporters to draw from, but has no value in a public space.

There's a reason why the general public doesn't subscribe to the Reuters news feed, while journalists do.

Likewise, there's a reason why the Chronicle doesnt feature the Reuters news feed anywhere in their paper.

"A" for effort, but Im afraid you don't understand journalism yet. If you've got no story, you've got nothing at all.

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